A client's view on AC Pilates

For several years I have had a problem with one of the facet joints in my lower back. I have been referred to hospital for treatment and had an injection into the facet joint and private physio. I would have difficulty standing or walking for prolonged periods, bending i.e. for gardening and the pain would radiate down my left leg and into my left hip.

The physio I saw recommended AC Pilates in Theale as a way to manage my back pain. I attended an assessment session followed by regular studio sessions, for the last year. I am not going to be able to cure my facet joint problem. However, there has been a vast improvement in my daily symptoms.

I am now able to stand and walk for extended periods of time, i.e. 2 hours, without feeling pain. Activities like gardening can be done without the raw pain and difficulty straightening up afterwards.

I do need to be sensible and I do sometimes get pain and radiated pain in my leg but my day to day pain level has shown a vast improvement. I feel generally more supple and people have commented that I look well and have changed body shape.

Anna is highly qualified. I am very grateful to her because my quality of life has vastly improved because I feel so much better. I now walk regularly which I love to do and I need to stand a lot for my new job which is not an issue for me now.

I would not hesitate to recommend AC Pilates.

Patricia Watkins

I wouldn't be as mobile as I am today if it weren't for Anna at AC Pilates. She is totally professional, working with her clients to produce individual, tailored programmes.

Her whole focus is on the safe management of exercise to build strength and improve flexibility.

Her sense of humour and caring attitude makes every session a pleasure. I can recommend her skills and care.

Denise Stayne

I have been training with Anna for 5 years now, in matwork and studio classes, both in group sessions and one-to-one.

I always look forward to Pilates as the routine varies each time, the exercises increase in difficulty so that I always feel challenged but never out of my depth.

Anna explains and demonstrates each movement clearly and seems to have endless patience with my lack of coordination!

In group sessions I never feel overlooked, even when sharing a class with people requiring a lot of assistance. Anna manages to correct our posture and alignment and move each person on to new exercises so that nobody is left repeating a single exercise for too long or feels neglected.

If I miss Pilates for a while I really notice the difference in my everyday posture. My backache becomes increasingly painful and I start to need painkillers.

I would recommend Anna's Pilates classes - and especially her studio sessions - to anyone who suffers from back pain or to anyone wishing to improve their posture, alignment, flexibility and general fitness.

Heidi Y

I have been training with Anna for nearly two years and have enjoyed every single session.

Anna has an extensive knowledge of Pilates and a strong understanding of how the body works. She is able to identify any weak spots in the body and works to ensure that not only are you achieving your personal goals but you are achieving them in the best way for your body as well.

I initially came to Anna as I was suffering with neck and shoulder problems due to a whiplash injury. Not only did she speed up my recovery but she has also helped improve my fitness, body and flexibility.

My core strength is the best it has ever been, my posture has improved and I look forward to my class each week. I couldn’t live without AC Pilates now.

Josie H

I first started using AC Pilates due to lower back problems; 18 months later and I'm enjoying not only the Pilates private studio 1:1s and group matwork but also the running training that Anna provides.

With Anna's focus and well tailored exercise plans my overall fitness, posture, core stability and muscle tone have improved enormously and I couldn't be happier!

Anna is both patient and supportive and her years of experience and knowledge give you the confidence of knowing that any exercise you do with her is controlled in a completely safe manner.

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of the support and results you achieve from working with Anna at AC Pilates. Whether it be for rehabilitation of an injury or overall fitness, her personalised programmes will get you the results you desire and will keep you hooked and coming back for more.

Danielle G

Anna was recommended by my GP, who had previously been to her Pilates classes and been thoroughly impressed by her approach. I was having problems with lower back pain which was impacting directly on my ability to do my job; I'm a painter and decorator.

Since attending Anna's classes and following her advice on daily stretches, my back problem has improved beyond all recognition. This is, of course, recommendation enough. However, her

classes are great fun as well as being very informative. Anna is a lovely woman and highly knowledgeable; no question seems to phase her.

In short, I highly recommend both Anna and her classes.

Mark Clifford